SSIS-181 A short love story with her father-in-law

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    Right from the beginning of their marriage, Yua and her father-in-law were not very close. He was extremely rude, making her dislike contact with him. Today he suddenly came to her and her husband's house. Because he had to go for a medical examination, he stayed at her house tonight. The next morning, her husband had to go away on business for three days. Her father-in-law also went for a medical check-up and then returned, but he came back a while later. Seeing that Yua was drinking alone, he invited Yua to drink with him. Intrigued by his knowledge of alcohol, Yua repeatedly plied him with alcohol until he became so drunk that he didn't know anything else. While his daughter-in-law was sleeping, he secretly took off Yua's clothes, touched her, inhaled her scent, licked her all over her body, and took nude photos of her sucking his cock. As soon as she woke up, she saw her father-in-law stuffing his cock into her mouth. Yua tried to struggle but in vain. She was still drunk so she didn't have any strength at all, so she let him trample her body. But the feeling wasn't that bad, his big, strong cock made her climax over and over again. Her husband hasn't had sex lately, making her feel restless and uncomfortable. Now that her father-in-law is taking care of her, she can release all her long-standing desires. And from then on, the two secretly had sex with her husband during three days on a business trip. Even when her husband returned, the two continued to secretly maintain this wrong relationship...
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